Designs & Installations

GHL | A Complete Guide on Designing & Installing Landscapes in the Southeast

The most foundational part of any high-quality landscape begins with a design that embodies the following (4) characteristics:

1. Seasonal Color

A landscape’s contrasting colors should be bright and vibrant not only in spring & summer, but also in autumn & winter.

2. Dimension

A landscape’s vegetation should be properly positioned with taller plants in the back and shorter plants in the front, while also maintaining a healthy combination of trees, bushes, shrubberies, annuals, & perennials.

3, Environment

A landscape’s plants should be specifically selected according to your property’s region, density of sunlight, quality of soil drainage, & levels of pH.

4. Longevity

A high-quality design will account for each plant’s expected, fully-grown sizes so that the landscape will remain outstandingly balanced, impressive, & exciting for years to come!

These days, most reputable landscape designers use computer software for digitally expressing their creativity. When that is the case, his or her design should easily communicate the following (4) concepts:

1. Intricacy

A landscape design should be as simple or as intricate as the homeowner prefers. From cascading water-features & infinity pools to terraced garden beds & spectacular vibrancy, a designer’s toolbox should be prepared to handle any outdoor request.

2. Transparency

Considering the highest quality landscape designs are from an overhead view, there will obviously be layers of landscape features. With a transparency tool, a design should allow the homeowner to see through awnings & trees, so he or she can visibly see what’s below.

3. Relativity

The average person doesn’t know what a ‘Contorta Harry Ladder’s Walking Stick’, or a ‘Diablo Ninebark’ are, but with some real photos of those plants included beside the design, it helps the homeowner relate to which particular plants have been selected.

4. Versatility

The exterior of a home is obviously not just a home for beautiful bushes, flowers, and trees. It should be ultimately designed as outdoor living area for the homeowners, too – as a place to lay out in the sun, to kick back in the shade, or to entertain friends & family!